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About Us

The Basics:

We are a family owned business in Mansfield, Texas specializing in garment screen printing. We are laser focused on providing an exceptional experience when printing your apparel. To us, this means not only providing a high-quality product but also making the entire transaction seamless and headache free.


Delivering a high-quality print is our top priority. We decided from the beginning to only use high-quality equipment and supplies. We believe it is essential to creating a good print. The skill of screen printing is not only knowing how to physically apply ink on a garment, it’s knowing what to look for in a good and bad print. It’s beeing meticulous or even “picky” with every print. Good equipment, good ink, good garment selection, attention to detail, and great customer support.

How Makers Printing came to be:

We have a couple of online shops where we sell graphic t-shirts, hoodies, etc. It was tough to find a local printer to fulfil our orders in the way we needed (ready to sell apparel), so we opened our own. Having been on both sides the transaction allows us to know what it’s like to be in your shoes when needing screen printing services. In turn, we have a better understanding of what a “good experience” means to a customer and can deliver based on that knowledge.



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